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Making A New Friend!

Make a conversation about making a new friend!

One fine day in Atlanta Georgia,an old lady that lived there for hundred years finally showed up herself.She never go out from the house because of something bad had happened to her.

She start to talk to all the neighbors but no one replies.
Suddenly,a new family moves to a house beside her's.The old lady directly approach the men and his wife

Old lady : Are you both new here?
Men : Yes,we decided to stay here for a living
Old lady : Where do you guys came from?
Women : We are from Indonesia
Old lady : Ooh yes thats a great place..btw its very nice to meet you two
Men : We're happy to meet you too ma'am
Old lady : What do you think of this place so far?
Women : Its great.I love the view so much
Men : Wonderful..
Old lady : Hope you guys happy here..I would like to welcome you guys to the neighborhood
Women : Thats very sweet of you..
Men : You drink coffee?
Old lady : Not really, prefer tea
Women : Owh,come inside …

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