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It's all about me

WHO AM I?⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭⧭Hii people!Welcome to my blog,and in this blog im gonna tell you everything all about me.So first,im gonna introduce myself.Who am i?yes my name is Zahra Zhafira and i started my life since 17th of July 2002 in Jakarta,Indonesia.Its been along time thinking of making blogs but im too busy to make one but well i made this now lol.Yup i will tell you guys about my complicated here we go!
My name is Zahra Zhafira,you can call me Zahra.Im a 15th years old Indonesian girl .My hobby is travelling and watching tvs lol
I was raised in Jakarta by my parents until 14 years old and i moved to Bandung to continue my study with my brother.It is very hard to be so far away from them lol.But well,this is,i got parents and 2 siblings.My father is a hardworking engineer who made a living for the family,he's a really kind hearted men.My mom?wow she's the greatest women i've ever had.She teaches us everything in life.Well i also got 2 elder …

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